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Our professional care providers are on-call whenever you need a break!

Family caregivers are admirable people who juggle their day-to-day lives while caring for a loved one’s needs. As a result, they often neglect to take care of their own health. Setting aside your own needs in favor of taking care of your loved ones leads to caregiver burnout and negatively impacts the care provided.

The purpose of respite care is to provide short-term relief and help family caregivers take a break from their daily duties. Our team of professionals at ELITE CARE HOME HEALTH AGENCY LLC will make sure that your loved ones will get the best care they deserve while you, as the family caregiver can take a much-needed break. We coordinate with you, your loved ones, and their healthcare providers to ensure that the care we provide fits their set of needs.

In-Home Respite
A care provider can be brought into the home to provide oversight and care to your loved one allowing you personal time to take care of your own needs.

Sometimes you just can’t be there all the time for your family. You need a temporary care provider to stay with your loved ones overnight. Your loved one will be looked after by one of the qualified care providers ensuring day-in and day-out safety and companionship.

Alzheimer’s Respite
Respite is especially important when caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s. We have a care provider who specializes in Alzheimer’s and dementia care for your loved ones, so you can take a break from your caregiving duties and return refreshed and healthy.

Hospital Support
Care providers give additional support during hospital stays giving your loved one constant care and attention during some or all of their stay and also keep family members up-to-date.

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