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Elderly Tantrum: What Is It and How to Manage

Temper tantrums do not just happen in kids. These can also happen to seniors. Emotional outbursts can happen to anyone at any point in their lives. The case may be a little different for our senior loved ones, as outbursts of this kind may put them at risk.

  • So, What Is an Elder Temper Tantrum?
    When a senior acts out and lose their composure, an emotional outburst can be manifested in different ways. It can get physical with throwing some items or hurting others or themselves. They can also lash out through words.
  • What Causes Seniors to Have Tantrums?
    The eruption of strong feelings can come from anywhere. Some triggers include unfortunate news—the loss of someone they know or love or other sad information. Something may have angered them. In some cases, they are feeling anxious about the situation.
  • How Should These Outbursts Be Managed?
    Do not engage a senior loved one while they are throwing a tantrum. Say calming words and leave the room, so they can cool down. Make sure their environment is safe while you are away. Only talk when they are less agitated.
  • Diabetes Can Trigger Mood Swings.
    It is important to check your senior loved one’s sugar levels. Managing diabetes requires 24-hour care

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