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Improving Your Elderly Folks’ Appetite

Are your senior loved ones not eating well? ELITE CARE HOME HEALTH AGENCY LLC, a home care in Orlando, Florida will help you! Boost your elderly folks’ appetite through the following tips:

  • Serve warm, fresh, and healthy meals
    Freshly-cooked meals are more delicious than meals sitting on the table for a few hours. The smell of the food will make them crave more. Also, when cooking meals for them, try to consider their favorites or some nutrient-dense foods that contain vitamins and minerals. If you need assistance, our live-in care in Florida will willingly do so.
  • Be wary of foods not good for them
    Your senior loved ones might be allergic to specific food or items that might worsen their medical condition, like diabetes. Hence, be careful about what you’re serving them.
  • Establish an eating routine
    Serve meals on schedule to condition their stomachs to feel hungry in a specific period and to better digest their food.

To ensure that your loved ones will enjoy their meals, our caring and responsible caregivers can provide companion care services as a form of assistance during feeding time. We can also monitor their meals to know which food items they are allergic to and list their meal suggestions.

Need assistance? Get started with our 24-hour care!

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