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Some Post-operative Pain You Will Experience

The operation itself is painful, but thanks to the innovations in the medical world, you might or might not feel them at all. However, when the anesthesia starts to wear out, that’s the time you’ll feel the pain. Hence, ELITE CARE HOME HEALTH AGENCY LLC encourages post-operative care.

Nociceptive, superficial, or deep, somatic pain is the discomfort you will feel after the operation. The kind of pain depends on the surgery you have undergone.

  • Nociceptive
    It is a discomfort caused by tissue, muscle, bone, skin, and organ damage. This pain is excruciating after an ankle, burn, or dental procedure.
  • Superficial Somatic
    It is a pain type caused by injuries, like cuts, bruises, and wounds from the surgical incision. It occurs when you have an operation due to a broken bone.
  • Deep somatic
    A discomfort caused by damage to tissues deep within the body, including the ligaments, bones, tendons, and muscles. One example is the pain in the abdominal wall muscle after removing the inflamed appendix.

These post-operative discomforts are most painful 24 hours after your surgery but don’t worry because the pain will eventually go. However, we highly recommend our skilled nursing in Florida to minimize the discomfort and for faster recovery.

We also offer companion care services to assist your loved ones in their daily tasks and accompany them, especially during meals. We highly encourage this care program because we know how difficult it is for your loved ones to move around after an operation, especially since their surgical wound needs professional care.

We also offer respite care in Orlando, Florida, to provide temporary breaks for primary caregivers like you!

Contact our in-home care providers to get started!

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