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Highlights on Your Long-Term Care Insurance

Have you ever heard of long-term care insurance? Just like any other insurance policy, these guarantees can help you in the future but with the caveat that you understand its terms and conditions. Agreements like this have specific elements you need to pay attention to before fixing your signature.

The right long-term care insurance policy is not a fixed number but an agreement that meets your current capabilities and your future requirements. If you are discussing one policy with an agent today, here are some highlighted aspects for you to explore.

  • Benefit triggers or conditions that should be met for the policy to grant your benefits.
  • Duration of the benefit usually covers one year, two years, or five years as lifetime coverage is rare.
  • Waiting period may be included in your policy – it is important to double-check if you have to wait for some time before getting the benefits or if this can be removed.

Other important elements should be discussed in detail such as the maximum benefits of the policy and so on. Take time to study your policy before signing up.

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