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Expert Tips on Storing Medications Properly

Because we provide personal care services, we already know how to properly store medications so they don’t get damaged or cause accidents. Start following this simple guide today. Medications should be kept in a cool and dry place. Healthcare professionals and pharmacists recommend avoiding keeping medications inside bathroom cabinets because of the heat and moisture. Direct sunlight and high humidity should also be avoided.

It is best to keep your medications in drawers or closets that you can easily remember so you don’t miss out on a dose but it should also be child-proof. If you live with a toddler, add locks to your these closets so they don’t accidentally ingest your meds. Do not transfer your prescriptions to a different container without the approval of your doctor or pharmacist. Some medications need to be kept in specific containers so make sure to ask your healthcare provider first. Don’t forget to remove the cotton balls inside the bottle after opening your prescriptions to avoid moisture buildup.

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