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Mental Health Consequences at Home

Sometimes, staying and feeling comfortable at our home becomes a luxury. Solitude gives us comfort and the peace to feel safe with ourselves. However, it is not always good when we are alone at home. Such a situation is observed among individuals with health issues and those that are not receiving 24-hour care.

ELITE CARE HOME HEALTH AGENCY LLC is a provider of home and respite care in Orlando, Florida. We have observed that people starting at home with health issues have a higher chance of developing mental health issues. These mental health issues include:

  • Depression.
    Depression in seniors is one of the most common mental health illnesses prevalent among people under home care. It mostly happens when someone isolates for too long inside their homes.
  • Substance abuse.
    Pain medications are vital for people at home in managing pain. However, some may abuse or misuse medications with addictive substances, resulting in substance abuse. Substance abuse disorder is a grave mental health condition. Medication management should be handled with skilled nursing in Florida.
  • Social anxiety. 
    When one feels isolated for too long, one may develop social anxiety. It delimits someone to engage or interact with people in the community.

So, how can we help? We help by providing companion care services and other services to clients. Companion care services may enable clients to interact with their caregivers and reduce the risk of developing specific mental health issues.

We also provide other services, including dementia care services. Contact us to learn more information about our services.

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