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Caring for Dementia in Its Early Stages

Early stage does not refer to how young or old the patient is, but the stage of their condition. Caring for early-stage dementia is different from the later stages. Nevertheless, patients deserve quality assistance to help them with their needs and provide safe reassurance for daily activities.

Most people are still able to function in this early stage. They may not require supervision or other interference. At this stage, helping without a prompt can be taken negatively. Patients need to feel they are understood and loved, just like before.

Caring and assurance are challenging to achieve, but the family and the caregivers must continue to work together. Communication is key to setting clear expectation and establishing a safe environment where the patient is free to express themselves and seek the help they need.

When the patient has prioritized their independence, certain measures should be established between them and the care providers. While every dementia case can be unique, the family may opt for a system similar to existing patients. These include sharing calendars with family members and bringing a small notebook with important details.

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