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Key Risk Factors for High Blood Pressure

Hypertension of having elevated blood pressure can be caused by many factors – lifestyle choices or underlying medical conditions. Whatever the culprit is, the patient’s quality of life can get affected in many ways.

Because of the impact, it is wise to be able to prevent such unfortunate situations as possible. Even if we cannot guarantee prevention at a 100 percent level, knowing some tips to avoid hypertension can reduce the risks of getting one.

So, what are the risk factors that contribute to high blood pressure?

  • Profile

    Personal characteristics such as age, race, family history, and weight contribute to high blood pressure. For example, the older we get, the higher the risk of getting high blood pressure.

  • Addictions

    Tobacco chemicals damage the artery wall linings while too much alcohol can damage the heart.

  • Lifestyle

    The lack of physical activity escalates the heart rate which means the harder the heart must work to provide the needed oxygen throughout the body. Working or living in stressful environments can also lead to temporary high blood pressure.

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